When we are children we always have a million questions. We are thirsty for knowledge and have exceedingly enquiring minds.

By the time we reach early adulthood we are in danger of not asking any more questions. At this age we are trying very hard to get life ‘right’, along the lines of what we’ve learned so far.

So we close down our curiosity and our eagerness to question everything. In short, we stop learning, and we start accepting the way things are.

This has a profound effect on our mindset, and results in resignation to whatever conditioning society wants to throw at us. If we are not very careful we can become prisoners not only of The System, but also of our own thinking.

We need to stay vigilant about this. Self-awareness is key. We need to recognise our own self-talk – the things we say to ourselves that indicate where we’ve given up enquiring, stopped believing in our dreams and persuaded ourselves that achieving our goals is impossible.

Even the most hardened financial freedom sceptic can immediately begin to see improvements in their situation by focusing on what needs to be done. Being an ostrich and sticking your head in the sand is never a useful approach to any problem. Taking a long hard look at your financial reality may feel scary and something you want to avoid, but if you don’t do it you won’t know what steps to take first to make it better.

Simply reviewing your monthly expenditure can immediately make a difference. Having visibility of what you are really spending can already help you make some valuable decisions, and will motivate you to move forward.

Your mindset will become more positive as soon as you begin to act like you are in control. Then you can adopt the habit of asking yourself how you can make it possible to afford to do what you want rather than blindly giving up.

There really ought to be no such word as ‘can’t’. It’s of neither use nor ornament to anyone.

It’s never too late to re-open your enquiring mind and take back control of your financial future.  Aston Leigh are here to help – call us on 01793 858211 or email info@astonleigh.com.