Pension investors who have accumulated funds over the years either through personal pensions or frozen employer pensions are looking at where their pension funds are invested, and the charges associated with the underlying investments.

A growing number are making the decision that they want more control of their pension going forward. The last ten years has seen a substantial movement by the self-employed, company directors/senior executives and retirees, towards self-Invested pensions in the forms of SIPPs or SSAS.

These pensions have for a long time been popular amongst experienced investors, having a much wider investment choice and transparent fee structures.

More and more people are discovering that they need to take a more active interest in managing and growing their retirement funds.

Self-invested pensions allow them to do this in a cost-efficient manner but that said, self-invested pensions are not a viable alternative for everyone.

Self-invested pensions are subject to HMRC rules on pension investing and are not restricted to the investment criteria of any specific provider or Insurance Company.

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