In sickness and in health

You’re no doubt aware of the importance of nurturing your pension pot to gain that financial freedom we’re all working towards. I hope you’re putting wonderful plans in place for your future, for when you no longer have to work.

I also hope that you’re nurturing your health, your nutrition, your eating, and lifestyle habits. Failing to invest in your health and wellbeing now may mean you won’t get to enjoy your post-working years due to ill health.

Most of the leading causes of premature death – heart disease, cancers, strokes, dementia, diabetes, even septicaemia, can be avoided by eating a well-balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Time to wake up & smell the coffee

As Aston Leigh wrote recently “taking a long hard look at your financial reality may feel scary and something you want to avoid, but if you don’t do it you won’t know what steps to take first to make it better.”

I’d like to take that line and apply it to your eating & lifestyle habits.

I do appreciate though how difficult it is to make ourselves the priority when we are juggling busy work and family lives. And like our finances, it’s all too easy to ignore the details of these all-important areas.

When I speak to people about changing their eating and lifestyle habits, most say they ‘know what it is’, they ‘know what to do’ but they don’t do it. Human nature always has us putting off changes until Monday, next month, the New Year!

A simple way forward

But what about if we don’t call them ‘changes’. What about if we don’t put ourselves on those restrictive ‘diets’?

How about we endeavour to eat our 5 a day. Or cut down on sugar. Or drink slightly more water than wine at the weekend.

Making small adjustments that are simple to implement and enjoyable will become permanent habits, and these bring big rewards.

Let’s take that mid-afternoon coffee & biscuits, for example, swap them for a large glass of water and a banana. So simple but the benefits are far-reaching – rehydration, no spike in your blood sugar levels, your body getting a much-needed kick of fibre & potassium, AND a boost to your energy levels (far more than you’d get from the coffee & biscuits!).

Research shows that success comes when you breakdown changes into bite-sized chunks, pardon the pun!

‘A healthy man wants a thousand things; a sick man only wants one.’ Confucius

By looking after your eating & lifestyle habits, you’re investing in your future. NOW is always a great time to start making improvements.

Most of my clients speak of the relief from taking that initial positive action to make some changes. A great way to focus the mind, aside from having a chat with me, is to book a free NHS Health Check!

I for one am planning on spending my pension pot on travel, cruises, and the like – not on carers and nursing aids – what about you?

Jane Mallett Nutrition & Weight Loss Coach for busy professional men

For more of Janes musings and tips on improving your eating habits for health and weight loss, connect with her on LinkedIn