There’s a big difference between taking control of your financial future and simply managing your finances.

When you think about it, the standard model for managing our money consists of an income, a budget and clear visibility of all our liabilities each month so that we can (hopefully) reliably keep up with all our payments and debts.

Slightly more savvy money management might involve making a pension contribution and adding to some savings.  We might also spend time hunting around for bargains or opportunities to reduce or eliminate interest payments in order to reduce costs.

This is all very well so long as the income keeps coming in.  We can carry on managing our money in this way……..until we retire.

Many of us – despite the fact that we run our own businesses – will have left the management of our pension funds to a third party provider.  Unless we are lucky enough to have been a member of a defined benefit pension scheme our funds will have been reduced by management fees and their value subjected to numerous random rises and falls in the markets and predicted their final value will be almost impossible.

Unless we make a conscious decision to take control of our financial future and become actively involved in making informed financial decisions then we – like the vast majority of ordinary people – will be facing penury in retirement.

Even for business owners, until you understand this and understand how limiting this is and the impact it will have on your wealth in later life, then you will continue managing your liabilities as opposed to taking control of your financial future.

As a business owner you have access to one of the most tax efficient savings vehicles available – a Small Self-Administered Pension Scheme – SSAS for short.  If you only take one action to take control of your financial future is should be to set up a SSAS and control your pensions through it.

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